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My favorite Lucky Craft Jerkbaits

By: Don

There can be no doubt; Lucky Craft’s jerkbaits are among the best you can possibly buy. The pros have been using these baits for years, and for good reason! I have never bought a Lucky Craft bait that has not run perfectly out of the package. You'll never have to use weighted strips or dots to get a perfect horizontal pause; Lucky Craft baits are already perfectly balanced.

At $15 a piece, many anglers just aren’t willing to fork over that kind of cash for a jerkbait. If you happen to be one of those anglers who are appalled at the idea of spending this much money on a lure; I urge you to reconsider and give one of these baits a try. This article is intended to help those who may be looking at purchasing Lucky Craft baits for the first time, or those who may be considering branching out and adding to their Lucky Craft collection.


As far as colors go, I am of the opinion that most lure manufacturers make far too many color choices available to the consumer. Some of these colors are intended to catch fisherman, not fish. Please do not get caught up in worrying about what colors you should buy; there are only a few colors that you should consider. These five colors (in order of importance) are available in most of Lucky Craft’s hardbait offerings:

#1 Chartreuse Shad - This is my #1 choice of color when I purchase one of Lucky Craft baits. This color is so well known and popular that is has been widely copied by other lure manufacturers; this should say something about how effective this color is. I find Chartreuse Shad to be an effective color in many weather conditions and water colors.

#2 Ghost Minnow - Lucky Craft’s Ghost Minnow color comes in at a very close second for me. This color is one of the most realistic minnow-colored baits on the market today. I like to use this color in clear or slightly stained water; you will find that most of Lucky Craft’s other “Ghost” colors are very effective under these conditions as well.

#3 Aurora Gold - I like this color for stained water or for cloudy conditions. Lucky Craft’s “Aurora” colors aren’t just stunningly beautiful; they also give off a lot of flash. Aurora Black is another great color.

#4 MS American Shad - This incredible color will cost you an extra dollar with most vendors; it’s worth it in my opinion. This color takes my breath away every time I look it; this is easily one of the most realistic colors that can be purchased for any bait. MS American Shad is Ideal for clear-water conditions.

#5 Misty Shad - This is another very productive Lucky Craft color. Misty Shad’s iridescent hue gives off a decent amount of flash.


If you have not heard of this bait by now, I would probably feel inclined to ask you what rock you crawled out from under. Lucky Craft's Pointers are very productive baits that feature an extremely low center of gravity and special brass weights which cause the Pointers to vibrate on the pause. The vibration caused buy these brass weights is like a dinner bell for hungry bass. The Lucky Craft 78 is, hands down, the most famous and well-known jerkbait model in existence. I like to use the pointer 78 on a medium light or a medium power rod. In my opinion, the Lucky Craft pointer is most effective when fished in a slow retrieve with intermittent pauses. This lure will stay perfectly suspended in the water; this makes it a perfect bait to use in cold water for early season bass.

Believe me; the quality of this bait far outweighs the price. The Pointer’s wobble and suspending capabilities make the Pointer 78 one of my first choices among jarkbaits. I believe that every angler should have at least one Lucky Craft Pointer 78.


When the jerkbait bite is on, the Pointer 100 is the bait that I will throw. I prefer to use the Pointer 100 on a medium or a medium heavy power rod.  I once heard someone tell me that it’s a good idea to start out with a bigger bait and work your way down to a smaller size if you aren’t getting any bites. I understand that concept, but I tend to do the opposite; I like to start out small and work my way up. Since I am a finesse fisherman, I tend to prefer smaller baits, but I will not hesitate to throw a larger sized jerkbait when the jerkbait bite is on.

I like the Pointer 100’s larger profile for targeting bigger bass. This is an awesome bait for stripers too!


Few anglers would agree with me, but I think that the Pointer 65 just might be my favorite Jerkbait that Lucky Craft makes. This has the same great action that the Pointer 78 has, but I prefer the small profile of this jerkbait. I like to throw smaller sized baits to entice more strikes from spooky fish; the Pointer 65 fits the bill perfectly for me. I prefer to use the Pointer 100 on a medium light, light, or even an ultralight power rod. Believe me when I say that smaller baits do not necessarily mean smaller fish, but they can mean more strikes in pressured waters.

Besides the Pointer 48, the Pointer 65 is probably Lucky Craft’s least used jerkbait. Few articles are written on it, and few anglers talk about it, but I think that the Pointer 65 is a devastatingly effective jerkbait in the 2 to 5 foot depth range because of its smaller profile. If you are in the market for a few new jerkbaits, I believe the Pointer 65 deserves a second look.


The Pointer 65DD perfectly illustrates my preference for smaller Jerkbaits since I do not own a Pointer 78DD or 100DD. The Pointer 65DD is more than capable of enticing bass in the 5 to 7 foot range. I like to use the Pointer 65DD on a light to medium power rod. When I need a deep-diving jerkbait with a smaller profile, I will throw this jerkbait.


The Flashminnow 95MR is one of my favorite jerkbaits of all time; its wide wobbling, seesaw-like action has proven to be deadly effective on Smallmouth bass. I like to throw the Flashminnow 95MR on a medium power rod. All Lucky Craft Flashminnows have a built-in weight shifting system that makes these baits cast like a bullet. Their internal weight system also gives them their characteristic seesaw-like action. The Flashminnow will cast much farther and smoother than other jerkbaits. I absolutely love the big #4 hooks that come standard on this bait!

This is the perfect bait to use when working flats or ripping overtop of submerged weedbeds. The Flashminnow is a bait best worked slowly with a jerk and pause retrieve, but can also be very effective when ripped like a slashbait. If you haven’t already, you would do well to give this bait a try.


The Flashminnow 110 is the largest jerkbait that I will throw. I like to throw the Flashminnow 110 on a medium or a medium heavy power rod. When the jerkbait bite is on, and I want something a little bigger than the Pointer 100, I turn to this bait. This bait casts like a missile and is perfect for targeting surface feeding stripers. The Flashminnow 110 is capable of bagging some serious bass!


When the fish are a little deeper, I would rather use the Staysee 90SP over the Pointer. I like to throw the Staysee 90SP on a medium or a medium heavy power rod. This is my go to jerkbait when I need to be In the 7 to 10 foot deep range. This jerkbait has one of the most realistic, life-like actions of any bait that Lucky Craft makes. The Staysee will suspend perfectly in a (feeding) nose-down orientation; this feeding position can provoke some massive strikes from angry bass.

Every angler should own at least one Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP in Chartreuse Shad color; they are absolutely indispensable.


The Bevyshad has been described as a hybrid between a crankbait and a jerkbait; I believe this is an accurate description. I like to use the Bevyshad 75 on a medium light or a medium power rod. The Bevyshad is designed with internal balancers so that it will suspend perfectly in a nose-down (feeding) orientation. I have used the versatile Bevyshad as both a crankbait, and a jerkbait; both can be equally effective. I have even caught bass on the Bevyshad without imparting any action to it at all. Simply letting the Bevyshad suspend in this nose-down, feeding orientation can be all it takes to entice a hungry bass to strike!

The Bevyshad’s arrow-shaped bill allows this bait to quickly dive to its maximum depth of 8 feet; this is perfect for targeting bass on drop-offs. If you are in the market for a new lure, this jerkbait / crankbait should be on your short list!