Agricola (Revised Edition)

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Vincent Wong
The One

If anyone ever asked me what my favourite board game was, Agricola would be it. It's so replayable and the accomplishment of building your farm from basically nothing, is so satisfying!

Heeryon Byun
Struggle to feed

Every game feels different because you need to differentiate your strategy depending on the cards you get. However, you will (believe me, you WILL) struggle to feed your family every round so if you don't like being under constant pressure, this is not the game for you. Otherwise, this is one of the best strategy / worker placement game you will find.

Gary Pressler
There is so much better

I know my opinion very much in the monority, but Agricola is not a good game. When it came out, I was so excited, but the game did not deliver. There are two things that ruin it for me. First, blocking actions are sometimes nonsensical. For example, you built an oven, and I build an oven, so why does your baking bread stop me from doing the same? Second, the scoring in this game is such that you typically have to do a little of everything with only slight specialization (often directed by the cards you draw). I played several times, hoping I would learn to love it, but it was always disappointing.

Now, since then, I have played and very much enjoy Rosenberg's later, similar games. Caverna, Ora & Labora, Nusfjord are all excellent. At the Gates of Loyang is quite different in a very good way. Fields of Arle has become one of my all-time favorite games. With all these fine choices, I am quite set to never play Agricola again.

Neil Nicholson


Yohan Laffitte
One of my favourites!

It's a great strategy game! Can be a bit overwhelming at first but lots of fun!

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