Clank! Catacombs

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Travis Condo
THE way to play Clank!

If you like clank, then get this immediately! The random tile placement makes this so replayable. The normal clank board is easy to make a game plan around and predicable, this completely changes that aspect of the game. A “double random draw” kind of mechanic as you are drawing new cards to the card market and drawing random tiles that you must place as you discover new rooms. Both a great way to play if you enjoy other Clank titles, and a great place to start. Love it!

John Janzen

Clank! Catacombs

Melissa J.
My New Favorite Clank!

Love the flipping of tiles to the unknown, lock picks, and solo experience in the app. The app uses the physical game components in a unique way to tell a story, giving new meaning to cards and components.

Steve Tessier
Fun in the depths

This game adds a random element in the board creation that, in my opinion, was missing from the other Clank! Games. It feels like you need to discover more in this game than before and as such, knowing when to go back is much more interesting!

Michael Balsom
Best Clank!

This is the best Clank! The variability of tiles makes it much more of a on-the-fly puzzle rather than honing in on a strategy from the get go. Clank Legacy still holds the mantle for best overall experience, but I'll play this over any other version.

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