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We would like to make our audience aware of the areas of the country we target most during our reviews. Certain areas of the country can have different fishing opportunities not available to other areas. Everyone can benefit from our reviews but we believe the Northeastern and Midwestern demographics would benefit the most. The states we fish the most during our reviews are Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  Below we illustrate the areas of these states in more detail to give you a better understanding of where we’re reviewing these products.  If a particular bait we review does well in a certain area of the country, we thought this section may help you get an idea how well it might do in your local waters.  




1 - Farm ponds, the Three Rivers, and several creeks.

2 - Farm ponds, natural ponds, and Lake Erie.



1 - Farm ponds, The Maumee River, and Lake Erie.



1 - Upper and lower River Raisen.



1 - Long lake in Angola.