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Products offered & our experience dealing with them.
A good selection of fishing tackle and equipment. They carry many popular items. In our experience, their shipping tends to be either normal or slow and can't always be relied upon when time is a concern.
A good selection of fishing tackle and equipment. They carry several hard to find items. In our experience they offer blazing fast shipments that can usually be relied upon when time is a concern.


Offers all Manner of Fly fishing equipment. They ship items insanely fast in our experience.


Our experience dealing with them.
Offers some very hard to find high-quality Japanese fishing tackle. We order from them as a last resort when all other options are completely exhausted. The minimum shipping price is $16 for faster, insured Express Mail Service... No thanks, tackle is expensive enough and I'd rather choose my own shipping service.
Our preferred place to shop for Japanese fishing reels! We like the fact that the price of shipping is included in the price you see. Shipping is also very fast. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered our questions accurately and quickly. You might have a hard time finding prices lower than these on Japanese fishing reels. JDM is one of a precious few distributors in Japan that doesn't price gouge on international shipping. I'm having a feeling that we'll be doing business with them for a very long time. We couldn't be more pleased with JDM, thank you guys!
The best selection of fishing tackle we have ever seen! Lately, they have been shipping to us in a very timely manner and we have come to rely on them a lot more. We receive many baits that can't be found in stock anywhere else. Sometimes you can receive your order from several different distributors. We can't recommend LBF enough to our fellow anglers! No, they are not paying us to say this.
They offer some nice deals on fly fishing equipment. Our order was delayed for a few days. After talking to them about it we were saddened to hear that they were short staffed because of a death in the owners family. They were kind enough to upgrade our order to 2 day shipping for free! Their customer service was superb and we won't forget it!


Products offered
Offers some of the best Jerkbaits, Crankbaits, Swimbaits, and Topwater baits that money can buy.
Do you need overpriced but still awesome rods, lures, and equipment? If you answered "yes" then look no further! They may be overpriced but I'll be fishing Megabass lures until the day Yuki Ito stops making them. Keep on carving Ito!
You know what they offer because odds are, you've been using rapala lures since you learned how to fish with lures.
Reels, Rods, Fishing gear, and Jigs.
I couldn't care less about their pro team, I buy Strike King lures because they just work! The last few years has seen Strike King making some amazing lures and becoming a major contender in the world of fishing tackle. You name it, odds are they make it.
Jerkbaits, Crankbaits, Topwaters, and Line.