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The staff here at wanted to create a website about fishing unlike any other. This is a place where you can find information on tackle, fish species, techniques, product reviews, and anything bass fishing related! is a great source of information for anglers of all skill levels. The information we provide can benefit everyone from the experienced angler to the angler who is new to this sport. We made our angler's glossary page with the intention of it being one of the most detailed, in-depth, and user friendly fishing glossarys on the entire internet. We are sure that our glossary will be a powerful tool for helping many anglers to expand their knowledge. So make sure to check it out.

There are literally hundreds of tackle companies out there offering thousands of products, all of them competing for your hard earned money. With all the choices in tackle an angler has, just buying a new plug can be an overwhelming task!

Our reviews and articles are designed to provide you with as much in depth information as we can about our entire experience using a particular product. We will offer you our recommendations and a real world unbiased look at some of the best products new and old available to anglers today.  We’ll be the first to tell you that our tackle recommendations are just that - recommendations. We do not claim to be the authority on everything tackle related, but with our combined decades of experience we’re confident that we can help point you in the right direction. We encourage our fellow anglers to do their research before spending their hard earned money on increasingly expensive fishing tackle. Our most important goal is to be one more source to help you do just that. We don’t care if you’re a pro or a novice; your company is most welcome here at “A helpful guide for the everyday angler.”


Don - Editor in Chief

Preferred Fish: Smallmouth Bass

This editor is a crazed and eccentric Smallmouth Bass fanatic!  Don would do just about anything short of robbing a bank to have more and better equipment to bang more Smallies with.  Don has been fishing since the tender age of 10 and has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and great heaps of tackle.  Don enjoys his luxuries and as a result becomes very displeased when a product doesn't perform as highly as it's priced! This happens to be one of the primary reasons why Don created this web site. There are few anglers who have the passion for quality tackle that Don has.


Mike - Senior Editor

Preferred Fish: Largemouth Bass

Mike has been fishing for bass for as long as he can remember. Over the years this hobby has turned into a passion thanks in no small part to his father who is himself, a true bass fishing expert. Mike's love for the outdoors led him to pursue a degree in environmental science from Edinboro University of PA. Since Mike has spent so many years fishing for Largemouth bass, he has gained an intimate understanding of this fish that has few peers. His passion and enthusiasm for Bass fishing is truly palpable when you're out on the water with him. It was this, Mike's passion and enthusiasm for bass fishing, that brought the editor in chief of this web site to this great sport many years ago.