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Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi

Overall score - 80% = (Great)

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

Reviewer: Don

Megabass is no newcomer to the tackle industry and it certainly shows in their quality baits. The Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi is certainly no exception. The Vision 100 Miyabi is the third installment in Megabass' Vision series of baits and it sports a few improvements over the Vision 110. I have to tell you that at first I was somewhat apprehensive about purchasing this bait. The Vision 100 appeared to have the same flimsy diving bill that the Vision 110 has but I am pleased to report that the bait I received appears to have an improved bill. I have always liked Megabass' baits but the price of these baits has usually hindered the way I fish them. With this bait I'm much less worried about causing damage to this lure because of the improved design. I feel like I can take this out and fish it in the unrestrained way it was meant to be used.


Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score


- 105mm. (4 3/16 in.) - 5/8 oz.

Design features:

- Flat sided body
- Internal gyro-balancer system
- Moveable fin made from memory shape plastic
- Floating
- Stunningly detailed


- GG Megabass Kinkuro *
- HT ITO Wakasagi *
- HT Kawabata
- PM Kisyu Ayu
- PM Oikawa F
- GG Stardust Shad
- GG Rainbow Trout
- GG Ayu
- + More colors available in Japan

* Color(s) used during this review.

Made in:

- Japan

Price when Reviewed:

- $27.99 - $28.99


Megabass was founded in the late 1980s by Yuki Ito when he was in his 20s. Located in Hamamatsu, Japan, where Yuki Ito is from, Megabass has now become a phenomenon in the fishing industry. It established itself as a high-end plastic bait company with the introduction of their first break-through bait the POP-X in 1996. In the same year the Destroyer rod series was released, and they both instantly changed the status quo of the fishing tackle industry of Japan.

Mr. Ito's obsession with creating the most life-like baits from the inside out is what makes Megabass such a force in the tackle industry. Knowing this, we're quite confident that we can look forward to more amazingly life-like baits from Megabass for many years to come.

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

This lure was packaged in the same careful and deliberate way my Vision 110 was. Megabass uses a piece of foam for the lure to rest on to protect this bait from premature damage during shipment. We love the fact that Megabass goes so far to protect their baits. This lure impresses me to no end.


Without any reservations whatsoever I can sum up my first impressions of this bait with one word; WOW!

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

The Vision 100 Miyabi is designed to be a flat sided, shallow cranking, and floating minnow bait. This bait's deep flat sides give it a shape that is the first of its kind in my tackle arsenal. The shape of this bait will certainly help the enticing wobble action that Megabass claims of this bait.

(This vertically thick shape sort of reminds me of a creek chub)

The aesthetics of the Vision 100 Miyabi are nothing short of breathtaking. The scales are finely done in an intricate cross pattern and the gills are nicely flared up on the bait's head. One can't help but want to admire the Vision 100 Miyabi's fluid shape and ornate craftsmanship. The head section of this bait is very finely detailed, complete with a japanese character contained within the eye.

(Few baits reach this level of detail and craftsmanship)

(A top view of the name and painted-on brown scales of this bait)

The Vision 100 Miyabi's diving bill appears to be an improvement over the vision 110's. I remember when the bill of my Vision 110 broke off on an underwater log, I wanted to go on a rampage. A $25 lure should have a more sturdy design in my opinion. The Vision 100 Miyabi's diving bill looks like it's made from some type of fiberglass or reinforced plastic. A Fiberglass bill is going to be much stronger than an non-reinforced plastic one. The bill is very thin and fans out to a square tip. This square tip design feature is perfect for helping this bait bounce off of structure more easily.

(I for one am glad they squared off this bill and made it out of an apparently stronger material)

This bait has an internal gyro-balancer system which helps give this bait a butterfly wobbling effect in a staggered dancing-like movement. This system seems to be doing two things at once. It helps accentuate this bait's wobbling effect as well as acts as a weight transfer system useful for longer casts. This bait also has a movable fin made of a memory shape plastic. This fin makes the Vision 100 Miyabi agitate the water with a rolling motion when retrieved.

(A closer look at this bait's movable fin and internal gyro-balancer)

(A closer look at the scale pattern)

The hooks on the Vision 100 Miyabi are much better than the hooks on the Vision 110. First of all, these hooks are larger which is much more appropriate for a bait of this size. Megabass fans rejoice - no more outer barb! The outer barbed hooks on the Vision 110 could really beat the crap out of the paint on the sides of your bait! In the picture below you can see the difference between the Vision 110's (right) and the Vision 100's hooks.

(Bigger, better, and much less destructive hooks = WOOT!)

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

Rod - St. Croix Avid - AVS66MF
Reel - Shimano Sustain 2500FE / Shimano Symetre 2500FJ / Daiwa Luvias 2000
Line - Spiderwire UltraCast 20 lb.
Location(s) - Maumee River, OH / Ohio River, PA

I'm going to be honest with you. I originally thought that the Vision 100 looked awesome on paper but the more I thought about, the more I doubted this bait's potential. My first series of test runs with this bait on the Maumee River didn't go so well, and I had a couple short strikes the first few days. I started to wish that the Vision 100 was made to suspend rather than float.

(No luck on the Maumee River...)

Luckily for me, I don't give up that easily, especially on a bait I paid almost $30 for! I better catch some fish with this thing or I'm going over to Japan to put my boot print on Yuki Ito's @$&! I sat down to collect my thoughts and I knew I was using the right color... so what was I doing wrong? Why all the short strikes? Some of you are probably yelling at the computer screen, "you're probably fishing it too fast, you idiot!" Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking; they say great minds think alike! Let's try this again back in PA, and this time I'm going to slooooow doooown and see what happens. Next stop: Ohio River, PA.

(The Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi on the Ohio River in PA)

Alright, It's time to get the Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi into the water and see what this thing can do. There's a high pressure system moving in soon and I have my favorite color for the river - gold. Gold is the hands down, best color for this river and I'm feeling quite confident that we'll see some action today.

(Let's do this!)

(Contemplating my first cast)

This bait casts sooo well, and I'm not just talking about distance. Most of my casts with the Vision 100 entered the water with little commotion and some were almost silent! I'm really starting to understand how well-made this lure actually is. The internal shifting weight certainly helped send my casts a little father as well. All of my casts were effortlessly accurate.

(The Vision 100 Miyabi casts like a guided missile!)

During my first few casts, I guided the Vision 100 Miyabi over a drop-off I knew was probably holding a few smallies. The Vision 100 Miyabi's unique, wide wobbling action induced some furious strikes almost right away. A slow retrieve really was the ticket because the Vision 100 is capable of producing some serious flash, thanks in part to the movable fin on the bottom. The Vision 100's square-tipped bill did a great job of bouncing off of rocks without snagging. I was also impressed with how deep this bait can dive despite its square bill. Square bills are great at deflecting off of rocks and stumps but aren't always the best choice when you want your lure to dive deep. Thankfully, Megabass decided to give the Vision 100 a thin bill to help it dive almost as deep as a rounded bill.

This bait's wide wobble makes the Vision 100 Miyabi look like a dazed and wounded baitfish during the retrieve. I had the most luck when rapidly switching from a fast to a slow retrieve, and it didn't take long before I finally have a fish on with this bait.

(Fish on!)

The Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi was murder on smallmouth bass today. This bait must flip smallies the bird when it's going through the water because they would just viciously slam the Vision 100 when slowly brought over the drop-off. Chris and I just went to town on these smallies and attracted a bit of a crowd while doing so.

(The first of many!)

We took advantage of this amazing smallmouth bass fishing and caught a few other smallies on other lures (for future reviews), but the real star this day was the Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi hands down. I have never caught so many smallies above 15" in one day on a single lure in my life. The Vision 100 was a constant producer of the best smallies and its hooks performed like superstars every step of the way. I didn't lose any fish once they hooked up. These hooks stick like glue!

(The fun never stops here at!)

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

I found the Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi to be quite durable indeed! Even after pulling in over a dozen smallies over the course of a few days, the Vision 100 looks almost as it did when I first bought it. I'm happy to say that the Vision 100 sustained very little visible damage from its own hooks. After I put this bait through its paces, only very slight scratching was evident. I am pleased with how durable the Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi turned out to be.

(Just a few minor battle scars)

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

At $28 per each, your friends might just look at you like you're crazy when you tell them how much you paid for the Vision 100 Miyabi. Our senior editor Mike was completely disgusted when I told him how much the Vision 100 was, and I don't blame him. This lure is awesome indeed, but it is not worth $28. Megabass consistently charges way too much for their baits. It's unfortunate that more anglers can't enjoy the pleasure of fishing with a megabass bait because of the high price.

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

The good - We love the movable flashing fin on the bottom of this bait. The internal gyro-balancer is an awesome idea. The bill looks much more durable than the Vision 110's. Much better hooks!

The Bad - N/A

The Score - 95 out of 100

The good - I freakin' love the slow wobbling action of this bait! The reflective sides and movable fin make a lot of flash! Casts beautifully.

The Bad - Nothing comes to mind.

The Score - 97 out of 100

The good - I found the finish to be quite durable. After bagging over a dozen smallies, the Vision 100 Miyabi still looks like new for the most part.

The Bad - The Vision 100 did sustain some very minor scratches during the course of our review, but they are very hard to see.

The Score - 91 out of 100

The good - This bait can really catch some fish but at this price, I'd rather buy 2 Lucky Craft pointers!

The Bad - The looks of disgust from my friends. If I lost the Vision 100 Miyabi I would be reluctant to replace it because of the high price.

The Score - 37 out of 100

Overall score - 80% = (Great)

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(For me, the Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi owns smallies!)

The Megabass Vision 100 Miyabi is indeed a great lure. The Vision 100 is beautiful, functional, and truly a pleasure to fish with. Casts are long and accurate with little surface disturbance. This bait oozes refinement and you better believe you are going to pay for every ounce of that ooze! I am genuinely ashamed to tell people that I paid $28 for a single lure; am I alone here? I find myself torn with talking about this bait to anglers I meet. I really want to tell people how awesome this lure is but I sometimes stop myself because when I tell them the price they sometimes look at me like I just killed their dog or something. However, when I showed the Vision 100 to some of my friends who are pro-anglers, they asked me when they could borrow it! Just like everything else in life, if you want the best, you gotta pay for it! I recommend this lure without any reservations!

We recommend this lure!