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Optimum Baits Furbit the Frog

Overall score - 83% = (Great)


Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

Reviewer: Don

I love topwater fishing! There's just no technique out there I would rather use when the topwater bite is on. In my experience, topwater fishing is great but it can be so much better when you're using a quality bait. That's why when I heard about this bait a year or so ago I knew I had to give this bait a try. This particular topwater frog won new product showcase best soft lure at ICAST 2006 and it's easy to see why. This bait has innovative features such as a sealed belly and rabbit fur legs and it looks good. I have the feeling that some hungry pre-spawn bass would love to see this bait on their menu.



Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score


- 3" long - 5/8 oz.

Design features:

- Supple strips of rabbit fur on the legs
- Natural colors
- Owner hooks
- Molded-in belly weight
- Ball bearing swivel and colorado spinner blade attached beneath


- White Ice
- Natural Frog *
- Midnight
- Tree Frog
- Sunshine Blush
- Cranbery Marble
- Black Ghost
- Sunshine Burst

* Color(s) used during this review.

Made in:

- Japan

Price when Reviewed:

- $9.99 - $10.99


Optimum Baits was established in 1996, with the purpose of providing the angler with an arsenal of the finest lures to maximize their time out on the water. They now offer over 10 different styles ranging from 2 inches to 16 inches in 50 different colors to make sure there is a lure for every fishing condition. Optimum Baits was the first company to release a swim bait where the jig head is internally built into the bait. 

Optimum Baits is a well established bait company that offers some really good lures. We have a feeling that we're going to be seeing Optimum's name popping up more and more and with new and better products in the coming years.


Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

When I first pulled Furbit the frog out of his box I must say I was a little disappointed. The colors on the bait we received are kind of dull. The colors don't look quite as vibrant as they do on Optimum's website. I was also disappointed with the rabbit fur legs and how (for lack of a better term) non bushy they were. Optimum's website makes these rabbit fur legs look quite thick and robust like a rabbit would jump in your tackle box to try and mate with your Furbit. We finally decided to take the time to compare our bait to the one displayed on Optimum's website. We blew up Optimum's picture of Furbit the Frog to scale size and we compared the baits, took some measurements, and compared the colors. It's kind of like those thick, juicy burgers you see on McDonald's commercials that look nothing like the sloppy burger that you end up getting.

(Their Furbit)

(Their Furbit side view)

(Our Furbit)

What would you think?

Don't misunderstand me, this bait's colors really aren't that bad at all. The Furbit's legs are also supposed to be bent like ours are because that S curve gives the Furbit a more life-like motion when it's going through the water. However, one can plainly see how skimpy the rabbit fur on our bait's legs is compared to Optimum's. The color of our bait is just a little more dull compared to Optimum's which isn't that bad. We can live with it.

All of the bad stuff aside, we were still quite impressed with what this bait has to offer. The Owner hooks on this bait are awesome! These hooks are very sturdy and extremely sharp. Furbit's body is very soft, quite softer than we thought it would be, which is good. We're starting to think that it's possible that we recieved a redesigned or previous version of this bait so we shouldn't be so quick to bash it, and we're not. We always give every single bait we test a fair chance because as we all know, it can be foolish to judge a book by its cover. Well, unless it's a stupid book that nobody likes like Dreams of my father, but I digress.

Overall, my first impressions we're in the middle of the road about this bait. I was initially disappointed about some things but impressed by others.

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

The Furbit the Frog's colors aren't great but I still felt that this bait looks somewhat realistic. This Frog bait's bodily features are complete with a slopping back, mouth groove, and protruding eyes.

(Not too bad, not too great)

On the bottom of Furbit the Frog is a weight that's shaped like a type of skid plate and I for one really liked this design feature. This weight seems like it would be conducive for dragging over hard objects like wood or the odd protruding rock. The belly weight is actually molded onto the lure and the hook shank which is great for helping to keep this bait on top of the water and not filling up with water.

(I like the skid plate type belly weight but I love the molded-in hooks)

The colorado blade is a great feature that I feel gives this bait a measure of added open water versatility. I usually use my SPRO frog only as a muck frog because I don't have a lot of luck with it in the open water. I feel more confident that Furbit's flashing colorado blade is going to induce more of those reaction-type strikes that I rarely see when using the SPRO frog in the same open water application.

(A cool looking if not innovative feature for a soft topwater frog)

The body of this bait is very soft, softer than I expected in fact. I prefer a softer type of frog bait over a tougher one. I wanted the least amount of resistance to expose these lovely hooks and I wasn't dissapointed.

(Super soft body, super sharp Owner hooks, and molded-in belly weight and hooks. I like this bait)

I liked the premise for using rabbit fur for Furbit the Frog's legs but these legs kind of look a bit skimpy. However, I still think this feature would help with attracting strikes in open water applications.

(Rabbit fur legs, a pretty cool feature)

I think that it's about high time we get this frog wet!

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

Location(s) - Private pond(s) in PA

Furbit the frog feels great at the end of my line. I was very impressed with the action of this bait on many levels. At 5/8 on an ounce, Furbit the frog casts like a bullet. We noticed that this bait has an odd quirk about it during a medium speed retrieve. This bait's Colorado blade gives the Furbit a kind of subtle wiggle action that we did not expect to see during the retrieve. The more we use Furbit the frog the more we like him!

(This frog's fluffy legs aren't as fluffy when they dry)

I would seriously love to meet the guy who came up with the idea to put rabbit fur on this frog's legs because that guy is a freaking genius! I can't fully describe to you how life-like this frog's rabbit fur legs look when in the water. The rabbit fur makes this frog's legs gently flutter like a butterfly in slow motion. The slightest twitch will give the legs a fluttering action.

This bait sits high in the water while the molded-in belly weight makes this bait's legs and Colorado blade point downward. We found that the rabbit fur has a tendency to want to float up and this creates a butterfly-like appearance when the Furbit is in the water.

(This bait sits high in the water with its legs spread out like a butterfly)

One of the main concerns I had about this bait prior to getting it on the water was its ability to stay weedless when being used as a scum frog. I was worried that the Colorado blade would collect a bunch of scum on it while dragging and hopping it over algae. I am very pleased to say that the Colorado blade did not collect any substantial amount of algae on it at all. I can't really say the same for the rabbit hair though. The rabbit fur legs did tend to collect a small amount of algae on them but it can be taken off quite easily.

I am pumped that this Colorado blade is so weedless because I love hopping this bait into an opening in the algae and slipping the Furbit into it. Furbit's flashing Colorado blade and fluttering rabbit fur legs incited a lot of explosive strikes when I worked this frog over the holes in the algae growth.

(Furbit the frog has great potential in a scum frog type application)

One thing I didn't like about the use of Furbit the frog in a scum frog application is the tendency for the rabbit fur legs to wrap around the hooks. We didn't notice this nearly as much when using this bait in the open water. Untangling this frog's legs can be a real pain at times, especialy when algae has collected on its legs. It can be hard to tell the diffrence between the algae and the fur. Care is needed when untangling this bait's rabbit fur legs from the hook because some hair might be torn from its legs, like some of our Furbit's hair was.

Even though we did lose some hair from untangling Furbit the frog's legs, we were still surprised at how durable this frog's legs are. After a dozen massive strikes from VERY large bass in this thick algae growth, Furbit's rabbit fur legs remain about 90% intact. We did not expect these legs to remain mostly intact for more than a few explosive strikes from bass this size.

(This can be a real pain! Note that this can also happen after strikes too)

Several months (and several bass) later, I can say that I find this to be a very effective lure for Largemouth bass. I used Furbit in a scum frog application for the most part, and this provoked some explosive strikes!

(This bait catches bass!)

These bass were hungry for frogs today! Mike even got in on the action with some topwater frogs of his own!

(Nice bass Mike!)


Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

The body of this bait has held up very well to repeated strikes. We lost of the rabbit hair, but that was to be expected. This bait has held up much better than I thought it would.

(The rabbit fur legs are largely intact even after repeated strikes.)


Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

For a frog bait, Furbit the frog is indeed more expensive than most topwater frog baits. For the price, I do believe that Optimum’s Furbit the frog is a great deal considering that this bait is packed with features. Personally, I would happily pay $10 for a bait of this size just on the grounds that it had Owner hooks of this size and quality! You and I may disagree on the quality of Owner hooks, but the high quality belly weight, Colorado blade, and rabbit fur legs make this bait a force to be reckoned with in the world of topwater frogs!

I have no regrets purchasing this bait. It has served me well, and shall continue to do so in the future.

Specs First Impressions Design Performance Durability Price Final Score

The good - This bait has a very attractive, life-like design. Colorado blade add a lot of flash and some vibration when this bait is used in a open water application. Belly weight was very effective at making this bait stand up in the water, and keeping these wonderful Owner hooks closer to the bass’ mouth effectively reducing short strikes. Rabbit fur makes the frog's legs move in a very tantalizing way. Casts very well.

The Bad - The legs could have been a little more filled in with rabbit hair. Colors could have been more vibrant.

The Score - 92 out of 100

The good - Furbit catches bass and he does it well! These owner hooks get the job done for me every time; I rarely lose fish.

The Bad - Due to the size and position of Furbit’s belly weight, this bait has a tendency to punch through the algae when I’m trying to keep this bait on top of it. Some of you may see this as a benefit; I, however, do not.

The Score - 85 out of 100

The good - The body of this bait has held up very well to repeated strikes.

The Bad - We lost of the rabbit hair, but that was to be expected.

The Score - 81 out of 100

The good - Several great features for the price. Well designed, Owner hooks!

The Bad - Umm, we were expecting this bait to look diffrent based on the pictures on Optimum's website...

The Score - 75 out of 100

Overall score - 83% = (Great)

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(Best Largemouth of the year for me so far)

Catching bass with Furbit the frog was a breeze; Optimum has produced a fine topwater frog bait here. I didn’t have any of the typical hook up problems that can be present in some topwater frogs. The body is soft enough to allow a bass to easily bite down, expose the insanely sharp Owner hooks, and ensure a decent strike to hook up ratio. In this angler’s opinion, this is one of the finest frog baits on the market today. I believe that Furbit the frog would make a great addition to any angler’s topwater tackle arsenal. I recommend this bait to topwater fanatics everywhere without any hesitation!

We highly recommend this product!