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About our reviews

To say "fishing tackle isn’t cheap" is the understatement of the century and it seems as though it’s getting more expensive every year!  Believe it or not, bass fishing is considered to be America's number one freshwater sport.  Annually, nearly 40 million anglers generate over $45 billion in retail sales with a $125 billion impact on the nation’s economy creating employment for over one million people.(ASA)  Those are some huge numbers, and in order to sustain those numbers they need us to keep spending our money on their products.  Anglers are constantly bombarded with “revolutionary” new products that promise the fishing world to the prospective consumer.  There are so many products to choose from, and some of these “revolutionary” products fulfill their promises and do indeed catch plenty of fish. Sadly, however, some of this tackle is more effective at catching fisherman than they are fish, and that’s why we want to help.

These reviews are designed to provide you with our opinions and any additional information beyond what the manufacturer will disclose.  We plan on reviewing newer products for the more experienced angler as well as older products for the angler who is new to this great sport.  The editors who will be writing reviews for these products were handpicked for their particular tackle preferences.  For instance, Don tends to spare no expense when it comes to his fishing equipment.  We happen to believe that writing reviews solely from this perspective is completely unrealistic.  There are plenty of folks out there that almost exclusively buy cheaper tackle like our senior editor Mike.  We aim to give you our most informed opinion on any given product so you can clearly understand our side and ultimately make up your own mind.  The internet is a powerful tool and we encourage you to use it!  There are plenty of great sites out there (some are better than others) where you can obtain information about your next tackle purchase. 

The majority of the reviews we conduct are done in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana mostly in the pursuit of our favorite quarry, the Black Bass.  The best pieces of advice we can give you about buying tackle is do your research, take your time, and use your judgment.  Often it’s our most impulsive purchases that end up being our worst ones.


- Our reviews are NOT Static (We plan on updateing our reviews to make you aware of any additional findings.)

- Our Reviews ARE independent (We are NOT affiliated with any tackle manufacturer or website and we have nothing to gain from the information we provide except by helping our fellow anglers.)

- (This website was born out of our frustration in not being able to find any in depth information about fishing tackle we were interested in except maybe on Tackletour every now and then. So instead of complaining about it and wishing someone else would make a website to provide another source of in depth tackle information we decided to do something about it.)

Our reviews will be graded using a point system from 0 to 100 for each of the following review points:

1 – Design Characteristics (Construction/Ergonomics)
2 – Performance Test (Effectiveness/Versatility)
3 – Durability
4 – Price (Cost vs Benefit/Bang for your buck)


Each of the afore mentioned characteristics will be assigned a numerical score based on its merits and then assigned a letter grade based on its numerical score. The letter grades, their meanings, and our recommendations are as follows:

A+ 100 - 95 Legendary
A 94 - 90 Amazing
A- 89 - 85 Excellent
B+ 84 - 80 Great
B 79 - 75 Good
B- 74 - 70 Pretty Good
C+ 69 - 65 Above Average
C 64 - 60 Average
C- 59 - 55 Below Average
D+ 54 - 50 Not so Good
D 49 - 45 Bad
D- 44 - 40 Awful
F 39 - 0 Garbage
Our Recommendations

A+ or 100-95 = Buy this right now!

A to A- or 94-85 = Highly Recommended

B+ to B- or 84-70 = Recommended

C+ to C- or 69-55 = Kind of Recommended

D+ to F or 54-40 = NOT Recommended

F or 39-0 = Purchase at your own risk!





After all four characteristics are taken into account, added up, and averaged you will have the final score for the reviewed product